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Therapuetic equine devices approved by veterinarians, professional riders, and equine physical therapists for preventive care, pain relief, and recovery therapy.

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To understand the benefits of Cold Compression, you must first understand the body’s built-in responses and why it is essential to treat with an appropriate and specific regimen. Blood itself is composed of many things; most importantly, it contains red and white cells, anti-inflammatory proteins, and endorphins. These components play a role in how the body responds to injuries.

Regardless of the mechanism or location of the injury, the body has an automatic and predictable response. This response immediately creates fluid around the affected injured area resulting in swelling, redness, heat, and pain.

Cold Compression treatments effectively treat most injuries by delivering a consistent cold therapy to the injured or inflamed areas’ surface very quickly, thus reducing the tissue temperature. This temperature change causes an internal response that directs the blood flow away from the extremities and toward the body’s core, resulting in reduced swelling and pain. It increases the ability to prevent or repair any cellular damage that may have occurred.

Cold Compression offers cryotherapy combined with therapeutic compression, that can be either constant or intermittent, resulting in the ultimate treatment option. With adaptable accessory splints, it is easy to target this treatment to a specific area and ultimately increase lymph fluid movement, reducing swelling and decreasing pain. Cold Compression is indicated for post-surgical therapy and pain management therapy.



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The class 4 laser is very comfortable to use with presets you can adjust upon the treatment area. Overall very practical, not bulky, and very affordable.




The cryotherapy devices really help my horses recover faster between classes.


Grand Prix Rider


The massage device reduces the muscle soreness of my horses and offers faster recovery time.



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