Ice Compression Duo

Our Ice Compression Duo device provides both compression and ice therapy, blocking the inflammatory process, decreasing pain, eliminating lymphatic edema, speeding up the healing process, and ultimately reducing recovery time.

The Duo features two independent generators that simultaneously manage two patients or two areas with independent programming. By targeting multiple areas you can reduce treatment time by half. The built-in programs are ideal for any treatment regimen.

2 independent generators, allows you to treat 2 patient at a time with different settings and connect up to 4 wraps to the device at the same time

Instructional Video


  • imgColor touchscreen
  • imgDouble arrow navigation feature
  • imgAutomatic purge of splint after use
  • imgNew separate air/water inputs
  • imgProtective sensors on the pumps
  • img6-foot extension cord
  • imgWorks with water, ice cubes or ice-trays
  • imgAutomatic control of water temperature – Easy Cart patented system
  • imgTouchscreen, 10 programs + 10 customizable
  • imgStatic and dynamic compression
  • imgDynamic pressotherapy function
  • imgSplint for each part of the body
  • imgPossibility to repeat the cycle with a break between two cycles
  • imgPossibility of a two-phase protocol with static and dynamic compression



  • imgDECREASES pain
  • imgBLOCKS inflammatory process
  • imgELIMINATES edemas
  • imgACCELERATES tissue healing
  • imgREDUCES recovery time
  • imgEdema
  • imgBruising
  • imgMuscle tear
  • imgHealing
  • imgRecovery
  • imgTendinitis
  • imgSprains
  • imgSwelling
  • imgDrainage


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