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Orthopedist Surgeon

Following your surgical procedure, rehabilitation is crucial in successful patient outcomes. Our cold compression devices provide an extension of your professional care that allows your patient to recover fully from their surgery.

We offer portable and multi-functional devices designed to provide effective, efficient, integrated, and comprehensive treatments.

Our cold compression devices use temperature-controlled cryotherapy combined with compression, effectively and safely reducing the need for opioid medications, decreasing pain, swelling, and bleeding when placed immediately following surgery. With our patented cooling cart and the ability to create customized programs, your patient can return home with our device, without the need for staff intervention, for more than 24 hours.

Cold compression therapy using our devices increases post-op range of motion, shortens recovery time, relieves pain without narcotics, increases compliance, and increase patient satisfaction.



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The class 4 laser is very comfortable to use with presets you can adjust upon the treatment area. Overall very practical, not bulky, and very affordable.




The cryotherapy devices really help my horses recover faster between classes.


Grand Prix Rider


The massage device reduces the muscle soreness of my horses and offers faster recovery time.



Tell us what industry you are in and
we'll show you what the device can do for you

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